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Cruisin Frankfort 2019!

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Thank you for a great season!


June 6 through August 22, 2019

5:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Downtown Frankfort

IMPORTANT INFO: Frankfort City Hall requested that in the event 
of possible rain outs not to call city hall. Please keep watching our 
Facebook page or our website for rain out cancellations.

Cruisin' Frankfort 2019



Thank you for a great season!








FALL TOUR - September 29, 2019, starting at 9:00 or 9:30. Gathering at Cafe Romeo (still tentative) .

Cafe Romeo is 345 N Independence Blvd, Romeoville, IL,  For those who don't use some electronic mapping service, this is at the Southeast corner of 135th Street and Illinois Route 53.  Breakfast or lunch can be obtained.  Cafe Romeo is completely optional, you can start at the Beller by joining us at 11, or join at the Rialto at 1 PM. (depending on your Sunday AM schedule)

We'll drive to the Beller Museum, arriving about 11 AM. The Beller Museum is also in Romeoville, at 275 Rocbaar Dr.   Jordan Beller will give us a tour, explaining the museum collection of over 50 cars and trucks, which is highly Ford and, in particular, Model A centric.  Don't let this worry you, Jordan explains how cars were first controlled by hand throttles and hand distributor advances, and shows much of the museum in a very hands-on fashion. He is very knowledgeable about early tools and garages, and is a wonderful resource. 

From the Beller Museum, we'll tour to Van Buren Street in Joliet, parking next to the Rialto Square Theater.  The trip from the Beller to the Rialto is only about 10 miles. The Joliet Police Department is working on a plan to cover the parking meters with bags and cordon off Van Buren Street so we can park together right next to the Rialto.  Once inside the Rialto we will be given a guided tour of the entire theater, including:

· Stage area

· First floor and balcony seating and vestibules

· Star’s dressing room

· Green room with the autograph walls

Some of these involve walking or a few stairs, although there is an elevator to the balcony.

After our guided tour, we will be treated to a Mini Concert, where they raise the Barton Grande Theater Pipe Organ on an electric platform from under the stage, and give us a full showing of the talents, and the power of the organ.  This organ is currently configured with four manual boards and 27 ranks. 

After we leave the Rialto, we'll head to nearby Pilcher Park, where the Bird Haven Greenhouse & Conservatory is one of their star attractions.  The greenhouse is only about 5 miles from the Rialto.  

The Bird Haven Greenhouse ( ) features spectacular floral shows with seasonal motifs and year-round attractions including a tropical house, cacti room and show house.

From Bird Haven, we'll finish with dinner at Tom Kelly's Chophouse and Pub, about 2.5 miles from Bird Haven in New Lenox.  Tom Kelly's ( ) looks like a sports bar, and my normal impression of food in sports bars is that is is passable, but not remarkable.  Tom Kelly's is different, significantly different.  We have had meals there on multiple occasions, and found their food to be really tasty, and we heartily recommend it to friends. In fact, few bars can do fish and chips right, or a reuben, or a shepherd's pie, or Irish traditional dishes.  We strongly suggest, as an appetizer,  their Homemade Chips and Dip, but get it loaded.  Sundays they always have a special of a 1/2 rack of ribs for $10.

CCE/FCC Fall Tour Update

We have an update on the Fall Tour.  Actually, not much change in details, since we will still start with an optional breakfast/brunch at Cafe Romeo at 9 ish ( 345 N Independence Blvd, Romeoville, IL 60446), visit the Beller Museum in Romeoville about 11 (275 Rocbaar Dr, Romeoville, IL 60446), the Rialto (5 E Van Buren St , Joliet) about 1 and the Bird Haven nature conservatory ( 225 N Gougar Rd, Joliet ) a little after 3:30 or 4, but we have an added incentive.

The Joliet Police will cover the parking meters with bags on VanBuren, allowing us to use VanBuren to park immediately adjacent to the Rialto for free, and have somewhat protected parking.  In order to do this, we'll need to know the number of preregistered folks. Food is available at Cafe Romeo and again at Tom Kelly's Chophouse and Pub ( 495 Degroate Rd, New Lenox, IL 60451) , both will do individual tabs by the person, by the couple or by a small table.

The Tour cost is $10 per person, which includes the Rialto Square Theater tour, the backstage areas, the green room and a wonderful concert on the Barton Theater Organ, We'll make a small donation from the tour charge at the Beller Museum and at the Bird House Conservatory, just to say thanks for their interesting presentations.  We don't need the $10 until the date of the tour, and cash or checks are acceptable.  What I do need is a Count of how many we will be having in advance.  To get that end, I would like to collect email addresses and attendance numbers.  I plan to enter all the preregistered emails into a drawing for a special tour related item:

The Jewel of Joliet Rialto Cookbook

The cookbook is compiled by the Rialto Volunteers and stuffed with over 350 recipes, including ones from artists who have performed on the magnificent Rialto stage, Rialto photographs, history and helpful hints


Barb and I will draw one entry on the morning of the tour, from among the pre-registered email addresses.  That lucky person will take home this wonderful cookbook, and start on their way to making the 350+ recipes in it.  We will accept pre-registered email addresses from:

The CCE Sign up sheet and the  Frankfort Car Club Sign up sheet.

Any list of preregistered names from Larry Claypool (, or email names submitted to "" will cause the names to be entered for the cookbook drawing.

The preregister deadline is September 22nd .

You can still show up without preregistering, but you won’t be in the cookbook drawing or guaranteed a free parking spot in front of the Rialto.  


Hope to see you on September 29 for a fun Fall Tour.

Rich Carroll and Barb Martens- tour meisters




Rich Carroll

MGM TV  Looking for background cars!!!

My name is Sherry Cassar, Picture Car Captain.  I'm currently working with an MGM TV series getting ready to start filming. We are searching  for background vehicles to work October-March in the Chicago area. 

Below you will find information on the year of vehicles we are searching for, type of vehicles, etc..  If you or anyone you know are interested and fit the criteria below please contact me at or cell 734-377-4501. If you have any questions or require further information please don't hesitate to contact me.

Vehicles work from Oct through March. We are looking for vehicles to be background vehicles, which means they could drive up and down the street or be parked.  

Searching for years 1938-1950 - the 1938 - 1946 would look  older, not shiny or new, the 1947-1950 would look newer. Production is  offering $350 each day they work. All vehicles will be stored in a  
secure warehouse when they are not working and transported to set location via car hauler on days they do work. A certificate of  insurance will be given to each owner to cover their vehicle (s) while  
they are under production care.

Vehicle type: MUST BE STOCK! All vehicles should start, run and stop on their own accord and be road worthy with production taking care of any general maintenance needed.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Sherry Cassar




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