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Cruisin' Frankfort 2015



Cruisin' Frankfort 2013 and 2014

A big thanks to all the folks who came out and helped make our 2013 and 2014 seasons the best yet!  

Christmas 2014

Bon Fire Night  07/30/14



Miscellaneous photos from past events!! A must see!!







May 16th- All Cars - Cruisin' Kick off
A nice night, good crowd, but never ran out of parking spaces. $197 to the raffle winner! 

May 23rd- Chrysler, Dodge, & Viper
Ok, our crew was there at 3 pm to set up...along with all of 2 cruise cars. Since we have to make a decision at that time, the wind and chill made us bail. In retrospect, it got nicer (but never 'warm') by 5 pm, so some cars did actually show up later. We hope for better weather next week...  JP did get pics! 

May 30th- Mustangs
The weather was poor most of the afternoon, but did give us a nice "window" from about 5 PM 'till dark. Most folks stayed home though.  

June 6th- Street Rods, Customs, Lead Sleds
Turned out to be a decent night! $151 to the raffle winner. 

June 13th- Buick, Cadillac
An excellent night, $236 to the raffle winner.

June 20th- Corvettes
Big big turnout, we counted 65 'Vettes! $317 to raffle winner.

June 27th -Trucks and Car based Pickups
Another good night, lots of trucks, $175 to raffle winner.

July 4th- no cruise today, enjoy Independence day! 

July 11th- Race Cars
Big big turnout tonight! Lots of race cars. $357 to raffle winner! 

July 18th  - Vintage Scooters & Motorcycles (25 yrs. & older)
Heat kept most folks at home, some nice bikes & scooters though.

July 25th  - Fords, including T-Birds, Lincolns
Perfect night, excellent variety of cars. $237 to the winner.

Aug. 1st  -  Chevrolet
Another great night, $192 to raffle winner

Aug. 8th-   Pre-war, Stock 1900-1942 Vehicles
The weather held out again for another super night. $193.50 to the raffle winner

Aug. 15th- Orphan Makes including Olds, Plymouth, Pontiac and Mercury
Great show of orphans especially Oldsmobiles! 

Aug. 22nd- Rear Engine, Mid Engine, & Import Cars
Rain scared most folks away, but those who showed up stayed dry under cloudy skys. 

Aug. 29th- no cruise, enjoy Frankfort Fall Festival

Sept.5th- Survivors (original unrestored)
A very nice night indeed- $297.50 to raffle winner! 

Sept 12th- Cruise night Finale
Wow, what a finale! $397.50 to raffle winner!




Cruise Night 09/11/14


FCC Picnic 09/13/14




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