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Frankfort Car Club now has zoom video conferencing!

If you can’t make the meetings in person you can now log in via zoom!! Don’t know how to work Zoom? You can watch a short video on YouTube to show you how. It’s easy! Here is a link to a video tutorial on YouTube:

For phone usage, you must download the Zoom Ap. Then simply:

1. Open the Zoom mobile app. If you have not downloaded the Zoom mobile app yet, you can download it from the Google Play Store.

2. Join a meeting using one of these methods:

 Tap Join a Meeting if you want to join without signing in.

 Sign in to Zoom then tap Join.

3. Enter the meeting ID number and your display name.

 If you're signed in, change your name if you don't want your default name to appear.

 If you're not signed in, enter a display name.

 Select if you would like to connect audio and/or video and tap Join Meeting.

Our March meeting was available live on Zoom for those who could not attend in person.

Bud & Fran Lutz took advantage of that and joined on their computer. We will Zoom the April meeting as well; an invitation with the zoom link will be sent to members a day before or the day of the meeting on 4/14. Our email will contain the Meeting I.D. Number. The level of participation in April will determine if we will continue this feature for future meetings.

Thank you, Shelly Claypool




2021 Membership Dues – April 2021 Reminder

The Board thanks the 51 prior year members who paid their 2021 dues of $ 25. Dave Mosier visits the Frankfort Car Club PO Box 15, Frankfort Il 60423 once a week. Dave will deposit your check and share this information with me. I update the membership list.

On Saturday March 20th I sent an email to 42 prior year members who have not paid 2021 dues. The next FCC meeting is April 14th.

I am sorry, if you do not pay your 2021 dues by April 14, 2021, your newsletters will stop.

Thanks Greg Andresen Membership Chairman


Frankfort Car Club donated a $1,000.00 check to the Frankfort Food Pantry on 11-19-20

Left to Right:

Dave Mosier, Jeannine Hetfleist, Mike Hilton, Sharon Ravetto, Ruth Ann Ross, and kneeling Chuck Ravetto.
Photographer Gary Ross.



2021 Membership Dues 


FCC dues for calendar 2021. The Board would like all members to pay their 2021 dues of $ 25 beginning December 1, 2020 and ending by January 31, 2021. A check made payable to the Frankfort Car Club is all that is needed.

If you prefer to mail, use the Frankfort Car Club, PO Box 15, Frankfort Illinois 60423. No application form is needed unless you have changes to your street address, e mail address or phone number. We are attempting to avoid accepting cash.

New photos can be taken at the January club meeting.


Greg Andresen

Membership Chair 




The Frankfort Car Club missed cruising with Camp Quality this year, so we are bringing the Antique Car Night to you! Grab your ice cream and cruise through this video!



Or go to youtube and search: 

Antique Car Night - Frankfort Car Club






At this point, with new restrictions put on restaurants & bars in Will county this week (8/25), it’s pretty clear we’re not going to be able to hold regular cruise nights this year.  

As we are using Village of Frankfort property for the cruise nights, the Frankfort Car Club must conform to all state and local regulations regarding public gatherings of people. Under the State guidelines of phase 4 reopening , gatherings of more than 50 people are prohibited, thus a Cruise Night as we have become used to cannot occur.   

That said, the downtown parking spaces remain open for anybody that wants to use them, however as no special cruise car spaces or lots will be reserved for that purpose, it is expected some number of “regular“ vehicles will be scattered about the spots normally used for cruise nights.   

Anybody who wants to drive their collector vehicle into the usual Cruise Night areas may do so, however social distancing must be observed. The village will monitor the situation closely to assure that proper protocol as outlined in the state mandates is being followed.  

It has been observed that a number of collector vehicles still gather on their own each Thursday in the Prairie Park lot (east side of White St. at Elwood). The Frankfort VFW has also held a few cruise nights, see our calendar of events for information about these. 

The Frankfort Car Club thanks you for your continued support of our club and sponsors. We’ll see you (Hopefully!) with a full cruise season on Thursdays in June/July/August of next year!




We hope all members are safe in these risky times. The Board thanks the 75 members who paid their 2020 membership dues of $ 25. Frankfort Car Club PO Box 15, Frankfort Illinois 60423, is still looking for dues from the 19 members from 2019 list who have not paid 2020 dues. No form is necessary if your e mail address or other info did not change. The dues fund your monthly newsletter. If your future newsletters stop, you know why. Email me at if you have any questions.


Thanks Greg Andresen. 




Camp Quality

Hello, I hope everyone is safe and well. I got a call from Mary Lockton, Executive Director for Camp Quality. Due to the current unknown state regarding COVID-19 and in the interest of the health and safety of the all campers and staff, they are cancelling all Summer Camp experiences for 2020. 

Mary mentioned that they are going to do a “Camp In” this year. It will take place during the dates that they were scheduled to be at Camp Manitoqua. A week prior the campers will receive a backpack filled with 5 “Outrageous Courageous” daily activity cards and associated materials including art and nature exploration supplies and a journal. Additionally, the camp staff will be providing online camp experiences during that week with live streams and recorded sessions. 

What does that mean for our Club? Mary would like to do a video either at one of our Cruise Nights featuring some of the cars and drivers that normally would take part in Camp Quality, or maybe having a few Club members go to the Camp and do a Drive-By and wave. 

We will discuss these options or any other ideas at a future meeting. 

Shelly Claypool 





Due to the covid 19 virus there are no more garage tour events for the spring season. Everyone stay healthy.  

MEETINGS:  May 13 membership meeting is cancelled. The Frankfort Township cancelled all meetings in May due to the virus going around.  Also, if there is a June meeting, we will let you know sometime in May.



June 4, 2020 - August 27, 2020
5pm to 8pm
Downtown Frankfort

IMPORTANT INFO: The Village of Frankfort has requested that in the even of possible rainouts to please NOT call Village Hall. Please continue to visit our Facebook Page or our Website ( for event cancellations.  

Frankfort Car Club is a social organization which organizes cruise night, garage tours and driving tours. Additional club benefits include club picnic, Christmas party and monthly newsletter. FCC supports local events/organizations including Camp Quality, Food Pantry, Frankfort Police Cadets and Frankfort VFW.  

Frankfort Club meetings are held at the Frankfort Township Building, located at 11000 West Lincoln Highway, lower level rear, Frankfort, IL on U.S. Route 30, one block east of Wolf Road, across the street from Harris BMO Bank. Check our website for meeting dates (mostly second Wednesday of each month) All are welcome to attend. Coffee and treats provided. 



A little About Frankfort Car Club 

Frankfort Car Club was organized in 1976 by Carl Lindee, with the very first meeting in his house in Frankfort. The focus at the time was on traditional antique cars. Several members from those pioneer days of the club are still members today. In 1981 a car show and swap meet was organized as a summer event, a tradition that would be continued during the last Sunday in July for the next 25 years.  

Today the FCC has over 100 members and welcome collector vehicles of all types. A tremendous variety of vehicles from around the world, new and old, stock and modified, make up the collective roster of member's cars, trucks and scooters.  

While the club no longer produces the annual car show, members are kept busy with our Cruisin’ Frankfort series of cruise ins from June through the end of August in historic downtown Frankfort, Illinois. 

Other club events (besides the monthly membership meeting) include a club picnic, driving tours, Christmas party, participation in and club display at Frankfort Fall festival, garage tour of collections, group participation in various displays, shows and other automotive events of interest. 

The club also participates in a yearly food drive/car display in September for the Frankfort Township Food Pantry and organizes our yearly Camp Quality night in August, where we give kids with cancer a cruise ride in our collector cars.





Due to the Covid19 virus there are no more garage tour events for the spring season. Everyone stay healthy. 


MEETINGS:  April 8 membership meeting is cancelled. The Frankfort Township canceled all meetings in April due to the virus going around.  Also if there is a May meeting it will be in the Blue Traffic Court building. We will update sometime in April. 




Tony Baio is looking to rent 1938 to1950 show cars for a movie. 

If anyone is interested call Tony Baio at 1-773-218-8135. 



Dear Members, 

Dave Mosier, Treasurer and Greg Andresen, Membership Chair,  are working together to make sure your check for 2020 membership dues of $ 25 is accounted for. 

As of Jan 24th, only about one half of the 2019 members have paid their 2020 dues.  Greg will be out of town on the Feb meeting night, but Dave will have the detailed list of dues received.  Please check with Dave if on doubt.   

We are trying to keep administration of the car club simple,  so please no cash.  If you have a checkbook, bring it.  Prior year members need not complete the membership form so long as  the basic info, ( address, phone #, e mail address) has not changed.  

The March 11th meeting will be picture night.  Please wear a clean shirt and a smile for the membership directory. 

See you in March, 

Grez Andresen
Member Chair




Stan, Sharon, Joe and Chuck making donation to the Frankfort VFW on Dec 12, 2019





Greg Andresen and Chuck Ravetto presenting FCC check for $500 to Sgt. Bender
with the Frankfort Police Cadets on December 10, 2019




Pictured left to right Sharon Ravetto, Chuck Ravetto FCC Board Member, Jeanine Hetfelish, Food Pantry Director and Ruth Ann Ross . Giving a $2000 check to the Frankfort Township Food Pantry on November 26 2019 .





Member dues are due by April 26, 2019. 

Anyone who has not paid dues will no longer receive the newsletter and will be removed from the email database.   

You can pay your dues at the meeting or mail your check and application, which is also attached to this email to:

Frankfort Car Club
PO Box 15
Frankfort, IL 60423 

Please feel free to email us with any questions or concerns. 





May 17 through September 13

5:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Downtown Frankfort

IMPORTANT INFO: Frankfort City Hall requested that in the event
of possible rain outs not to call city hall. Please keep watching our
Facebook page or our website for rain out cancellations.

Cruisin' Frankfort 2018

Below is a link to the promo for this year’s Cruisin’ Frankfort



Frankfort Car Club Participates and Helps Chew to Cruise 2018




Above: Candace Hanley, local Rep of National Street Rod Association, presents FCC with a Merit Award for our continuous excellence for hosting Cruising Frankfort series of events.  




Alex Zacek, the young gentleman in the center, stopped by our stage on last cruise night to give Frankfort Car Club thanks for the Scholarship he received from us! 

Alex is taking automotive technology classes at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL.  He just finished his first year there! 

He is posing with our members: Pat and Sharon above.




Right: The power of our members comes in all sizes!




Mary Canino, Frankfort Village
Administrator was awarded flowers from the Frankfort Car Club for her
15 years of service with the Frankfort Cruise Nights.

Congratulations Mary! 



Please take note:
Member dues are due by April 26, 2018.  Anyone who has not paid dues will no longer receive the newsletter and will be removed from the email database.  You can pay your dues at the meeting or mail your check and application, which is also attached to this email, to:

Frankfort Car Club
PO Box 15
Frankfort, IL 60423 

Please feel free to email us with any questions or concerns.





2018 Frankfort Car Club is coming soon.  We are hoping to get more volunteers this coming season to help with our car cruises and events. We need more participation from our members.  Please sign up as a volunteer at our next meeting on January 10, 2018!


Helen Pathe passed away Monday night 1/15 - she has been very ill recently.

John chose not to have a public service for her, but he welcomes any phone calls from us.
Our sympathies and compassion go out to John. The Pathe's have been long time members of FCC; We believe the last FCC event Helen attended was the 2016 Christmas party. She will be greatly missed.


Witch at 2017 Trunk or Treat!




Ruth Ann is handing the $250.00 check for the

Frankfort cadets to Officer Bender. 


Officer Bender thanked the FCC and

looked forward to working with us next year.



I, Larry was surprised, or maybe not surprised at all  to find a pair of nice Crosleys on display in the Cincinnati Airport when I flew in there last month.  While the Crosley cars were manufactured in Indiana, the corporation centered around Cincinnati. besides being for a time the worlds largest manufacturer of radios,    Powell Crosely established Cincinnati radio station  WLW, the nations most powerful radio station, sold millions of crosley appliances, and also  owned the Cincinnati Reds baseball team . Wikipedia notes some of his accomplishments:

·  second car radio (Motorola was first)

·  first push-button radio

·  early soap operas

·  first non-electric refrigerator (Icyball)

·  first refrigerator with shelves in the door (Shelvador)

·  most powerful commercial radio station ever (WLW, at 500 kW)

·  first lights on a major league baseball field

·  newspapers broadcast by radio-FAX (Reado)

     first American car to have disc brakes








“Chews to Cruise” Food Pantry Cruise was a huge success!! Thank you to all who participated and who donated! We appreciate everyone who helped pulled this together and made this a terrific event! We appreciate each and everyone of you!


<< To the left is a photo of Sharon, Jeannine  and Chuck.  Sharon and Chuck representing FCC presented Jeannine from the Frankfort Food Pantry, with a check for $1,000.00 on September 24,2017, at the "Chews to Cruise " event.




We send our condolences to our Webmaster and Newsletter Editor, Rosa Acevedo on the passing of her beloved husband and one of our members, Eddie Acevedo. His wife, Rosa will continue to drive his 1972 Plymouth Roadrunner to Car Cruises, Car Shows and events in his honor. Eddie will greatly be missed.

7/8/1947 - 8/25/17. 

May he cruise with the angels!


Frankfort Car Club in the August Meeting motioned and approved a donation of $250.00 to Independence Car Club for their Back to School Event that took place on July 29, 2017! According to Brenda (President) and Rosa (Vice-President) of Independence Car Club, our donation helped make their event a huge success! Every child that went to their event left with a book bag full of school supplies! Independence Car Club sends a huge thank you to FCC!! See more photos at The book bags had the saying “Bullying Stops Here”.


Do you know of a student 14 years old to 18 years old that needs community service? Contact John Brink at 708-314-5686. Please read below they have a Firewood cutting, splitting and packaging program where students can get their community service hours!


Frankfort Car Club donated $250.00 to Independence Car Club for their Back to School Event that was on July 29, 2017!! Independence Car Club sent us a huge thank you for helping make their event a huge success! Every child managed to get a book bag full of supplies and they were able to purchase extra supplies to box and give them to local schools in low income areas for the students that are not able to get all the supplies they need!!



Scholarship Awardees for 2017!

Lincoln-Way West, Alexander Zacek, Award Ceremony, May 16th

Lincoln-Way Central, Jake Barnas and Bryan Mathews, Award Ceremony, May 10th





Our sincerest condolences goes out to the Plummer Family. 

FFC member Rich Plummer passed away on November 21, 2016. He will be greatly missed.


Our sincerest condolences goes out to the Santoni Family. 

A past FFC member Jerry D. Santoni

 passed away. He will be greatly missed.

June 2, 1943 - October 6, 2016

Jerry D. Santoni, age 73 of Frankfort passed away Thursday, Oct. 6, 2016. Beloved husband of Theresa M., nee Worden. Loving father of Jerry, Jr. Dear brother of Robert of San Diego, CA, the late Dennis and Thomas G. Santoni. Fond uncle of Thomas E., Victor, Dennis, Jr. and the late Vincent. Marist High School teacher for 33 years, classic car enthusiast, hammered dulcimer musician and avid bowler. Funeral Tuesday, Oct. 11, 9:00 a.m. from Blake-lamb Funeral Home, 4727 W. 103rd St., Oak Lawn to St.Anthony Church, Frankfort. Mass 10:00 a.m. Interment Good Shepherd Cemetery, Orland Park. Visitation Monday, Oct. 10, 3:00 - 9:00 p.m. In lieu of flowers memorials contributions in Jerry's name may be made to the Pancreatic Action Network, Info 708-636-1193 or www.blakelamboaklawn.



Our sincerest condolences goes out to the Hossbach Family. 

A past FFC member Wilbur Hossbach

 passed away. He will be greatly missed.

Wilbur Hossbach
(click his name above to visit Gerardi Funeral Home page for additional information)

December 8, 1925 - September 23, 2016

Wilbur Herbert Fredrick Hossbach (Willy) age 90, of Frankfort, born to Henry and Viola Hossbach of Frankfort on December 8, 1925 and passed away peacefully on September 23, 2016.

He married Lois (Cooper) in 1947 and they moved to the family farm in Frankfort where he farmed all his life.  He was a loving father, grandfather and great-grandfather.

He is survived by his loving daughters, Audrey (Carlton) Yoshioka and Diane (Bill) Been: grandchildren, Shane (Nicole) Been, Dirk (Cee) Been, Nicolas (Kerrie) Been, Billie Jo (Wes) Larsen, Zachary Yoshioka, Jami (Mike) Ribaudo and Sylus Been; 13 great-grandchildren; brothers Norman (Betty) Hossbach and Wayne (Carol) Hossbach; sister Evonne Fedak; sister-in-law Sally (Marvin) Cooper; many nieces and nephews.

He was preceded in death by his wife, his parents, his sister Marian (Howard) Seemann; in-laws Marvin Cooper and Carol Hossbach, niece Debra, nephew Gary, and great-granddaughter Olivia Larsen.

Willy was a life-long farmer and active in numerous farm activities.  He also was an operator of heavy equipment and retired from Local 150. He served as member/president of the Frankfort School Board and was an active Frankfort Volunteer Fireman. He was a life-long member of St. Peter’s U.C.C. in Frankfort. He loved antique vehicles and built his own collection.  He restored them and shared them with others at parades and Cruise Nights. He was active in the Frankfort Car Club.  He supported Lois in her many activities and found himself folding newspapers, setting up quilts and numerous other “honey-do” tasks. He was active in bowling, golf leagues and snowmobiling—and a family champion at dominoes!  He enjoyed traveling on cruises and Farm Bureau Tours.  He always enjoyed finding out about other farmers!  He was happiest when the crops looked good and he could help someone.  His generous spirit and energy will be missed.

Memorials requested to St. Peter’s United Church of Christ in Frankfort or to the family for a charity of their choice.

Visitation Monday, Oct 3 from 3-8 PM at Gerardi Funeral Home Lincoln Hwy at 95th Ave (1 block east of LaGrange Rd on Rt 30) Frankfort, Illinois.  Visitation Tuesday, Oct 4 at St. Peter’s in Frankfort from 9:30 AM until the time of the services at 10:30 AM.

Interment Skyline Memorial Park Monee, Ill. For funeral information, please call 815-469-2144.

Burial Date October 4, 2016





Frankfort Car Club donates $1000.00 to Camp Quality Illinois on June 8, 2015!!!





2015 Scholarship LW Central




2014 FCC Scholarships have been awarded!


Karen O'Conner presents scholarships to Cole Claypool (L) and Asraldo Botello (R), both from Lincolnway North. 2 other scholarships were awarded, John Nystrom at Lincolnway East, and Vincent Caponigro at LW Central. Each winning student received $1000.00 towards further education. 

Golden Quill Winner!!

Congrats Congrats to FCC newsletter editor Doris Bernier for scoring a win in Old Cars Weekly newsletter competition 3 years in a row!

Special Thanks to Our Photographers Gary and JP!!


Ace Pinstriper Bob Behounek presented the club with a plaque reflecting his work which is now permanently mounted in the meeting room at the township building.


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