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July 20th– Car Display at Cedarhurst Senior Living Facility in Frankfort. 

FCC will partake in a small car display for residents of Cedarhurst Senior Living Facility in Frankfort. This is located a short distance from where we meet each month at the township building; the address is 21507 Wolf Rd, Frankfort, IL 60423. 

Agenda is similar to what we have previously done at Smith’s Crossing in Orland Park- gather at 10 AM, lunch provided around noonish, display over at 1PM. Members of the Lemont Car Cluib have been invited to join us. We only need about a half dozen vehicles; Lemont club members are expected to provide a similar number. We will have a sign-up sheet at the July meeting. If you will not be at the meeting, please contact Larry Claypool at 815 603 8556 if you can participate. 

In August, on the 17th, we will do the same thing at the Smiths Crossing in Orland. 

These 2 displays give the folks there a chance to view some of the cars they may well remember or perhaps even owned ’back in day, an opportunity they wouldn’t normally get. 



Frankfort Car Club donated $1,250.00 to the Frankfort Food Pantry on 3-26-24!

Photo: Sharon Ravetto FCC, Bonnie Chapman FCC Treasurer, Steven Muransky Director, Chuck Ravetto FCC, Vice-President.





Gift from Annette

Annette Kirscher sent this custom made illuminated gift she presented to me and Tim for hosting the January Frankfort Car Club meeting. It’s from a picture she took of our Auburn.  Thought you could use it in the club newsletter. It was very thoughtful of her. 

Dennis Heywood

(Secretary’s note- Annette can make a number of
custom items from a picture as shown at our
February meeting)



On October 14 2023, the Frankfort Car Club gave a $1000 check to 

Navarro Farms. From left to right, Sherri Navarro, who runs Navarro Farms,

Bonne Chapman Treasurer FCC, Sharon Ravetto Sponsor Charman FCC, Chuck Ravetto, Sponsor Chairman FCC, standing are the Navarro Farm, Farmers.




On October 3, 2023, Frankfort Car Club gave the Frankfort Food Pantry $1500.

From left to right: 

Steve Muransky Food Pantry Director, Sharon Ravetto FCC ,Chuck Ravetto FCC, Bonnie Chapman FCC ,Nick George Township Supervisor.





In Memory of: John Pathe
1929 to 2023


Mr. John Pathe went into hospital Wednesday, 9/20/23 for heart attack and pneumonia.   He passed away on 9/24/23 at 4 AM. 

John was a long tome FCC member, certainly at least 30 years. John always had interesting cars- the Jag E type, Fiero GT, a NSU to name a few. He also did some road track racing; we believe it was in an open wheeled formula Ford.

John worked for years in the Detroit area. The company he worked for made machinery to handle the body and frames through the assembly process, so he was in the all the major assembly plants at one time or another. 

He will be greatly missed.







FCC at Fall Fest 

Frankfort’s Fall Fest rolled around to hot but dry weather this year, enticing a large number of spectators for the multi day event. Sunday was the day of FCC’s involvement beginning with our car display on Elwood Street. Some last-minute review of the traffic flow prompted the fest officials to move our display area to the South side of Elwood rather than the North side as we had used in the past. The Claypools had brought along a pop-up canopy which we then placed on the North side of the street on the grass area, directly facing the cars. The ‘new’ set up actually worked quite well with the cars shining in nice sunlight and “our” viewpoint in the shade, aided by a nice breeze that made it most comfortable. On hand was Chuck and Sharon’s Corvette, Larry Claypool’s Fiat 850, Dale & Bonnie’s Olds Cutlass convert, Shelly Claypool’s 65 Corvair, guest Kirk & Lynn Parro’s 64 Corvair, Ray Levy’s 56 Corvette, Dave Arcand’s Studebaker pick Up, Dan & Penny Colyer’s ’46 Lincoln, and Paul & Debbie Dubinsky’s ‘65 Eldorado which also served as the parade marshal’s ride during the actual parade.

 Joining us at the parade marshalling area was Joe & Diane Tanzillo in the ‘47 Ford pick up, Dave Mosier in his ‘51 Willys Jeepster, Wayne Lucht in a fine ’72 GMC pick up, Tommy Doyle in a Mustang coupe, Dino Deluca in a Mustang convertible, and fire chief Dennis Heywood in his own Ford model T fire truck.

 All the vehicles behaved well in the parade except for Dave‘s Willys, which while it did not quit or boil over, Dave sidelined it before the temperature gauge needle disappeared past the H mark. Joe’s Ford also ran hot near the end prompting Joe to turn on the heater full blast which did keep the engine happy (but maybe not so much for the occupants). Most of our parade vehicles returned to the display area after the parade.

 All in all, it was a fine showing for the club and we were well represented to the community. A special tip of hat to Vice president Lance who manned the car display area for the full duration of day.



Meadow Creek Airpark Open House Fly in-Drive In 

The annual Fly in- Drive-in opened to an overcast morning on August 26th, but that didn’t prevent the crowds from attending. While the entry time to the show was officially 10 am, the gate was open and a number of cars from Shockwave in Frankfort came in just after 8 am. When I arrived at 8:30 to help spot cars with Dennis Heywood, about 30 cars were already (sorta) parked on the grass field including about 10 of Dennis’. The in bound flow never stopped and by 10AM, the field was probably 80% full.

This of course included a number of FCC members and other ‘usual suspects’ seen at our cruise nights. Entries continued to arrive, completely filling the designated show area even after adding a couple of rows outside the marked borders. 

One of the nearby cul-de-sacs filled up with cars as well both sides of the entry streets. I am fairly certain some folks arriving after 11 or so simply gave up trying to space and turned around and headed home. 

For the Flying part of the show, air traffic was light mostly accountable to the low visibility that day. There were some take offs/landings, and a few fast but low buzz bys (including the ever popular (and loud) helicopter, but not at the level we saw last year; none the less, it was entertaining.





Smith’s Crossing Car Display 

On Saturday morning August 19th, members of both Frankfort and Lemont car clubs arrived at Smiths Crossing retirement center in Orland Park to put a car display for the residents of that facility. The weather cooperated and 14 cars lined a section of the main entrance parking lot. While we have done this display in the past, there was certainly a greater number of the residents that came out to view the cars than ever before. Staff members pushed wheelchairs for those who couldn’t walk, including one 91 year old gent who was quite sharp and directed his caretaker to let him see every single car close up. Quite a few residents asked questions about the cars. One woman was particularly knowledgeable, explaining her late husband had Corvettes, and she had been to many concours events before, recalling cleaning the hard to reach parts of the knock off wheels with Q tips…. 

Around noon all the club members were invited inside to the Bistro for lunch, which was delivered to us in some well detailed cardboard replicas of Mustangs, T Birds, and Edsels. We reused some of these at our next cruise night to house the gift cards for our raffle prizes. 

The display wrapped up at 1 PM so we could all get on with the rest of our day. All involved agreed this was a very successful event and look forward to doing it again next year.




The Frankfort Car Club donated the Frankfort Food Pantry $1000 on 5-23-2023.

 Left to right Chuck Ravetto FCC, Steven Muransky Director, Bonnie Mason FCC, Sharon Ravetto FCC, and Mike Hilton Supervisor.



The Frankfort Car Club donated $1000 to Navarro Farm on Saturday 11-12-22. Left to right Garry Ross FCC , Dave Mosier FCC,
Sherri and Damian Navarro, Kim Ogle FCC, Sharon and Chuck Ravetto FCC



The Frankfort Car Club donated $2000 for the Frankfort Food Pantry the month of October. We also donated $1000 to the Food Pantry last March. Left to right: Mike Hitton Supervisor, Chuck Ravetto FCC, Sharon Ravetto FCC, Steve Muransky, Supervisor, Dave Mosier FCC, Jim Moustis, Frankfort Township Supervisor.



The Frankfort Car Club Donated a  $1000 check to the Frankfort Food Pantry .
(left to right)

Sharon Ravetto FCC , Dave Mosier FCC

Steven Muransky Food Pantry Director.





Frankfort Car Club members Dennis Heywood (below, left) and John Pathe are pictured with Heywood’s 1920 Packard Twin Six Roadster. The luxury auto is currently undergoing renovation in preparation for its debut at The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. The prestigious annual August event in Monterey County, CA is by invitation only. Two hundred of the most prized collector cars from around the globe are judged for historical accuracy, technical merit, and style. The event has raised millions for charity since its founding in 1950. Being invited to participate is an honor in itself. Congratulations Dennis!



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